Sunday, January 20, 2008

Co-bloggin' it: Liz and Sara Double Team You This Week

Liz Scanlon (Liz in Ink) and I are co-blogging all this week! I'm so pumped about it, I can hardly sit still, but that's a good thing, because we're going to be talking up....

The Exercise of Writing

Yup. We're just that crazy. Here's the short version of the schedule. But RUN on over to Liz's and read the full version right here.

Monday: Hit the starting blocks at Liz in Ink

Tuesday: Out of the gate at Read Write Believe

Wednesday: Half-time entertainment

Sara Strong-Arms It – here at Liz in Ink

Liz Lifts and Lunges – at Read Write Believe

Thursday: The Olympics – A round-up of sports posts and analogies (at both blogs)

Friday: The Fifth Quarter Poetry Friday (at both blogs)

Ready, set....GO to Liz's place and get the full game plan right now!

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