Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What procrastination looks like

Today, I'm debating whether I should work on my revisions, or Make An Anatomically Correct Brain Cake.

Arguments for making the Brain Cake:

1) Instructions include the lines:

"4 drops of red, 4 drops of yellow, and 2 drops of green makes a good grey matter color."

and " Work one cortex (area) at a time."

2) I don't think I would eat it, but I could.

3) Neuroscientists might be in the neighborhood, going door to door, looking for just such a thing. Or aliens. Think how helpful an anatomically correct brain cake would be to invading aliens.


Revisions it is.


  1. I feel ya, sister. But, eventually, the revision fever takes hold and the urge to write outweighs the urge for ...cake.

    Wow, that was a major statement.

    Write away.

  2. Hee! Good luck, Sara :)

  3. OMG, I MUST make one of these for a library program. The kids would FREAK. It would be almost as good as when I made a kitty litter cake for a Garfield program a few years ago.

    Was this post written pre-coffee or post-coffee? I find that sometimes the coffee helps me get down to business. Either that or it distracts me more. Hard to predict, really. (Of course, this morning, I spilled my coffee on my keyboard. *That* didn't help anything. Well, I finally cleaned the keyboard. I've been meaning to do that....)

  4. Eww! I vote for revisions!

    The cake looks like it should be on "Bizarre Foods" on the travel channel...

  5. Aw, honey. I'm right there with you....
    What about sewing, ummm, slipcovers for your goldfish?

  6. Mix in a little red velvet cake for blood. I assume you'll go back to the cake because WHO CAN REVISE with such a temptation in the house? I mean, a brain cake? That's not an opportunity you have every day. You can revise any day.

  7. I am actually married to a neuroscientist. My first thought was, "I should totally make that!" Then I had this vision of my adorable but geeky husband saying, "Anatomically correct, eh? No it's not. Look, the amygdala goes..."

    Sigh. Revisions it is for me too.

  8. Thanks for the revision support, everyone---except Donna, who totally distracted me with her mention of red velvet cake! You'd better make me some next time we see each other. A big, fat piece with lots of icing!

    Adrienne, it was during coffee. La java is a prime trigger for work mode. Of course, it also goes well with cake...

    Jacqui! How funny. You should have him make the cake. Then it would most definitely be correct, right?

    Oh, and Liz, the mere fact that you can write "slipcovers for goldfish" makes you some kind of princess in my book.

  9. Okay, I'm sending this right along to my psychiatrist friend. I MUST make this someday.

  10. Just hope your friend doesn't try to analyze why/how you made it! You know, Rorschach blobs of icing...


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