Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I love the dictionary. I do. But...

Okay, so there was this post about How To: Make a Dictionary (etc) Wall. I liked it. I bookmarked it. I briefly thought of actually doing it. (If only it didn't involve the words wallpaper primer or decoupage medium or paintbrush.)

I went back and read the comments on it today, and found this great one:

"I love how everyone's set on doing books that are tremendously earnest and self-improving... when the project positively demands to be done by randomly rearranging pages from the trashy best-sellers that go for 99 cents at Goodwill." posted by wende in phoenix on 2008-01-15

Now wouldn't that be fun? A wall of the worst. Rather inspiring, I'd say...


  1. What about doing, like, the root cellar, in rejection letters???

  2. Or at least one wall of the garage.

    I could do my whole house in revised manuscript pages.

  3. That's exactly what my BFF from high school and I would have done, had we the wallpaper paste back then...

  4. Now I think I'd take some of my favorite kid's books and do the whole house.


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