Monday, June 16, 2008

Summer Goals

I knew it was gonna happen. I've been tagged to state my summer goals. Thanks, Jen! Really, thanks. 'Cause last year, to my shock and amusement, I actually accomplished all my goals. So maybe I've become a convert to this goal thing. (Although, as you can see, it's taken me some time to get to it.)

(Things that will make me look back
on this summer as a good one)

  • Get out of the house and see a few summer flicks with popcorn (I love you, Netflix, but you make me a hermit. )
  • Go on my first working writer retreat (I've got one lined up, and I'm looking forward to it like a pee break after six cups of coffee. Oh, was that rude? Sorry. I'm excited. Yes, I am.)
  • Stop feeling guilty about everything I haven't read yet and just read. (It's not like I ever will catch up, so why stress?)
  • See an art exhibit, any art exhibit. (I swear, if art came on an ice cream truck, I'd run out every time the little song played. But ask me to spend 45 minutes getting to it, and I totally wimp out. No more! I will make the effort.)
  • Be brave and steadfast in my writing and in my revisions. (I like this quote from Kelly's Quoteskimming: "Your writing should be smarter than you are." Amen.)


  1. Oh, honey. You're as brave and steadfast as they come...
    I love your goals. 'Specially the art exhibit one. I'd be a fan of the drive by, too, but alas. Maybe you can do a gallery in the afternoon and a movie at night?

  2. Your last goal and link to Kelly's quoteskimming made me think of this: When I finished Kathi Appelt's The Underneath, I read the acknowledgements in the back, and she thanked M.T. Anderson for advising her: "Write what you think you can't." I love that. It's like the do-one-thing-that-scares-you-every-day notion.

  3. I'm seven-cups-of-tea excited. :)

    And the movie thing is one of my goals, too, though I didn't consciously have it as a goal. I want to take the kids to movies and can never find a block of time when they're all available. :( I'll have to force it.

  4. Nice Sara - you inspire the rest of us!!

  5. Now, these look like invigorating and achievable goals. Thanks for playing! I do like the one about getting out of the house to go to movies, because I have some hermit tendencies, too...

  6. I think you'll achieve your goals again this summer because they're wisely picked -- a combination of things you're already going to do, things you want to do, permission NOT to do something, and one true (but not too hard) challenge. Seems like a good formula for goal-setting to me!

  7. Oh those Netflix make me such a hermit too... :)

  8. The pee break isn't rude; it's brilliant. I know EXACTLY what you mean.

    I love these goals. I'm going to think about blogging some goals for my summer, but I don't know. That kind of thing freaks me out in the same way fortune telling freaks me out (because who *really* wants to know what's going to happen to them in the future? I sure don't).

  9. I like these goals, especially don't feel guilty, just read what you want to read.

  10. Hurrah for goals and lists!

    Stress is evil. Just say no.


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