Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What I'm reading now

It occurs to me that the "Read" part of Read Write Believe has suffered lately.

So here's an excerpt from my current good read, Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie:

"Thomas Builds-the-Fire's stories climbed into your clothes like sand, gave you itches that could not be scratched. If you repeated even a sentence from one of those stories, your throat was never the same again. Those stories hung in your clothes and hair like smoke, and no amount of laundry soap or shampoo washed them out. Victor and Junior often tried to beat those stories out of Thomas, tied him down and taped his mouth shut. They pretended to be friendly and tried to sweet-talk Thomas into temporary silences, made promises about beautiful Indian women and cases of Diet Pepsi. But none of that stopped Thomas, who talked and talked."

Here's the soundtrack that was recorded for this novel.


  1. Thanks for sharing the excerpt. I need to get this book.

  2. What's good is that it's a marvelous mix of the real with the magical, and one just flows into the other.

  3. I just walked by Sherman Alexie's house in Seattle last week, in the hopes that some jujee would rub off on me. But I'm thinking I'd better just stick to reading his books. I don't know if jujee passes through walls and across down sidewalks...


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