Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday, Monday...

It can't be Monday, can it?

Some of you read for 48 hours.

Some of you began to set summer goals.

Some of you launched campaigns to save hyphens and Capital Letters.

Me? I sweated, wrote, and looked at T-shirts:

Alternative Fuel


"Science! is dedicated to bringing you the finest in off kilter science t-shirts with a faux sarcastic nerd loving absurdist bent."

Now that's what we off-kilter faux sarcastic nerd loving absurdist bent word-herders live for, too, folks... a fine phrase like that. Must live up to the pressure...


  1. I just have to show this to my husband, who was once about two seconds away from a Master's in Biochemistry. What a great site!

  2. Sara,

    May I join your Off-kilter Club? I'm a word and science nerd myself. My husband used to work as a tech for a windmill company many years ago. Now he is involved in recycling electronics.

    I love the T-shirts you posted. My husband and I are members of an organic garden group. My husband went to the garden recently and saw youngs kids wearing T-shirts that said "Eat more kale."

  3. Credit goes to my nerd-tastic daughter for finding these shirts...but you all knew that already, didn't you?

    Elaine, the Off-Kilter Club. I like it. That would be OK, for short, right? ;)

  4. OMG, I love the one with the devil burying the dinosaur bones. I have *such* a weakness for t-shirts.

  5. We all have t-shirts of the periodic table. Dental t-shirts are pretty funny, too, if you can believe it. After hours of reading them all one night (and laughing and laughing...)I bought my husband one that says simply, "Brush your damn teeth." At any rate, I wrote to say thank you for embracing caps and hyphens in your post today. Your awareness of endangered punctuation is the first step toward a solution.

  6. Methinks our girl Robin Brande needs a t-shirt. 'Teach the Controversy' yo! Passing these right along to wordtastic nerd S.O. -- fun, fun!

    I will be working and sweating too this week. It's just CRAZY hot!!!!

  7. I really hardly ever do this, but for some reason today I was compelled to tag you for that summer goals meme. Fee free to ignore, of course.

  8. Thanks, Jen. I think I will. As soon as I can pull my head together. Maybe that should be the first goal. :)


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