Monday, September 22, 2008

Champagne and Origami

My second round of revisions has arrived and I must step out of the room. I don't know if I'll be gone days or weeks. I may drop in and out unexpectedly.

Please entertain yourself with either (or both) of the following. I'm told that these feats take several days to master.

Task #1: Open a champagne bottle with a sword.

Task #2: Take a square of paper, as below...

and make this:

More exquisite origami by Brian Chan here

Alternatively, you may simply sit in your chairs and stare out the window. That often leads to writing, which leads to revising, in which case, I'm happy thrilled excited for you

I'm's happening...I must go now...


  1. Good luck, crazy woman. I'll be here, folding the grasshopper thingy... Okay: seriously. That's gorgeous. I'd be all over it if I didn't have work to do...

  2. Good luck with your revisions! I know you can do it by that deadline and have plenty of time to play later!

  3. Good luck, break a leg, Godspeed, have fun storming the castle, and all of that!

  4. Good luck with those revisions! And I'm keeping that sword idea in mind. See, I'm in drafting stage now, but revision stage will come, and my hubby is a ninja. Complete with swords, so I'll have him do this when things look dire. ;)

    I'm mostly kidding but partly not, which is the saddest part of all of this!

  5. GO revision GO!!!
    Have fun recreating your next amazing book. The world is looking foward to it.

  6. how fun and exciting!
    GOOD LUCK and enjoy!!

  7. Yay revisions!

    I like champagne, but opening the bottle completely intimidates me as it seems fraught with peril. Learning how to do it with a sword would be a way of tackling that fear head-on, eh? And I *am* supposed to do something I'm afraid of every day....

  8. Good luck with your revisions!

  9. Whaddya say we just open that champagne once you finish your revisions :)

  10. That grasshopper was amazing! I've missed your blog for a few days!

    gonna watch the sword next.

    Happy Revising!

  11. That origami piece is amazing!

  12. I've been looking for those saber instructions all over the internet.
    Best wishes on those revisions!


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