Thursday, October 30, 2008

Before there were blogs...

...there were postcards. And that's all I have time to send you today. It's work, work, work for me!

(I respect myself for wearing that visor and large sunglasses. It shows wisdom and forethought, unlike allowing a parrot that close to my face.)


  1. Those are fake birds, right?

    I love the notion of postcards being a sort of prototype of blogs. Hee.

    But then I'm supposed to be letting you work. Just promise yourself some coffee breaks.

  2. Oo-lah-lah!! And Yay Hawaii!! Thanks for the postcard :).

    Maybe you should get a parrot to take dictation.

  3. Oh no, Jules. Those parrots are REAL. Some entrepreneur was going up and down the beach with them, offering to take photos of tourists with his birds. We fell for it.

  4. SHEESH, your shoulders are what would be worrying me, not your face. Good grief, those things have claws.

    I really am loving the huge glasses. Nothing says "don't you wish you were here in the sun" like completely covering up your face with a visor and sunglasses.

  5. Alrightythen ! Nice, but seems a bit touched up. For this picture or is it ?

  6. That visor and those sunglasses are why you still look like you did when you got married, Sara. :-)

    In Hawaii last year there were still guys hawking their birds. (heh heh)

  7. Aren't you guys too cute!

  8. I also let a (green) parrot get that close to my face. You may have to click on the photo to see him against the green background, here:

    So you and I read upside down (comments from last year) and we allow parrots to sit on our shoulders. Hmmmm.


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