Thursday, October 23, 2008

On a platter

Editorial letter on the left, manuscript on the right

Looks nice and tidy, doesn't it? The problem is that my mind, the tool with which I will do this round of revisions, isn't. It's scattered and easily distracted and worst of all, stuffed with ego.

So I find myself going through the same emptying rituals I always do:

1) Deliberate time-wasting. I watch "light" TV like Pushing Daisies (about children's books last night! Anyone see the editorial assistant dribble on the rejection letter? Eeeew.) Also, Big Break X and (with my niece wielding the stop-action Tivo remote) Dancing With the Stars.

2) A bit of mindless munching (mini bags of "buttery salt and cracked pepper" popcorn.)

3) Yoga. Sanctioned mind-emptying.

4) Long walk with my dog (helps counter-balance the mindless munching.)

It's also worth stating that I didn't stage this picture for the blog. The manuscript has literally been on that platter for a week. How blindingly un-self-aware I was. Or how brilliant. Either way, Round 2B* of my revision work has been served. I'm not as full as I once was, and it looks tasty.

*Round 1 was the developmental edit, finished in August before I headed to the SCBWI LA conference. Round 2A was the edit of the first third of the book, which required some re-working (and a new chapter!) accomplished last month before we moved on to the entire manuscript's line edits, otherwise known as this month's incarnation, Round 2B. Yes, there will be a Round 3, the copyedits.

NOTE: If I have brain cells left over, I will blog. I need help with the title, for one thing. As soon as I can get a synopsis worked up for you, I'll throw a few titles your way and see what you think.


  1. I love the platter! How hilarious!

    Cheers to you as you ride down the home stretch... well, one of them, anyway.

  2. We should talk. I have to go deep into the cave of revision again and would sure appreciate having things served up like this, all tidy-like and manageable. Popcorn sounds good. Popcorn on a platter. yes?

  3. Good luck with Revisions 2B. I just sent off mine and had to swallow a very large dose of hesitation and doubt before I pressed "send."

    I'm sure you're going to discover the perfect title soon enough. :-)

  4. 2B or not 2B . . .sorry. Had to take it.

    I love how you got served! By you!

  5. cograts! it took me 4 rounds so far...3 full, one mini. there's nothing like a great editor. keep us posted, sara!

  6. de_scribes stole my pun.

    I think the real problem is you need more sugar in your mindless munching...

  7. I make time to procrastinate every day, just a little. The television helps, but reading blogs are my biggest distraction.

  8. Ah, television is the great mind emptier, is it not? I love the photo. Looking forward to a new book by you.


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