Thursday, October 2, 2008

Your Name in Shoes

I think this is funny. Type in a woman's name at and see what shoe styles come up.

Alexis (identity issues.)

Gertrude is plainly a bootie and nothing else.

Fanny (who you might have expected to have bootie) is eccentric and fun.

Pippi isn't so Longstocking, but the clogs are cute.

Sara vs. Sarah. (hmmm. My spelling, "Sara," returns no loafers, thank goodness. But I kind of envy those "Sarah" Shane&Shawn racy numbers.)

I'm very sorry. More about writing next time.

Oh, wait! Shoes you can write on. Whew! I'm back on message.


  1. I love Zappos and you are too much! I typed in jama, knowing there wouldn't be any shoes -- but was surprised to find kids' pants! slammin-jama tear away pants!! Woohoo!

    What a time saver.
    Hey, aren't you supposed to be revising? ;)

  2. Time-saver. Yeah. But then can the parents find the pieces again?

    I finished the first section of my revisions, and am awaiting further notes. Hence, the tiny break. I'll be here for Poetry Friday, too!

  3. Just *look* at all the shoes named "Adrienne": Those Fryes are cute, but a bit too intense for me to wear on any kind of regular basis. Alas.

  4. Oh that's hilarious! My favorite: "'Jennifer' is a vintage styled silhouette with modern day appeal." Heehee!

    Too bad I can't afford 'em! ;-D

  5. "Oh, they'll never have my name," I thought. But look at these!

    Now I want a pair!

    But, um, Sara, aren't you supposed to be writing like three different books? :)

  6. I'm a conservative pump!
    I thought I ditched that identity after I left my MBA/working life and became a hippie writer :)

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