Monday, October 27, 2008

Flying Horse Farms

I love this Public Service Announcement, and not just because my niece stars in it. Look for her snatching the hat, jumping into the pool, and dancing. She's a natural actress. You ROCK, Emily!!!

:60 PSA for Flying Horse Farms from Donna Raque on Vimeo.

For more information on how to help go to: Flying Horse Farms.

Flying Horse Farms is a provisional member of the Paul Newman "Hole in the Wall Gang" network of camps for kids with serious illnesses. They hope to open in 2009.

From their website:

Camp is not only a place for children who are terminally ill, but also a place where children who will survive their illnesses can grow and develop the skills necessary to thrive for the rest of their lives.

At Flying Horse Farms, these same children learn what they can do, not what they cannot do. Camp is a place where we focus on the possible, a place where kids can just be kids. Campers serve as role models for one another and begin to see themselves, often for the first time, not as victims, but as strong and capable leaders.

Amen to that.


  1. Very cool! Emily is wonderful :).

  2. Three cheers for ALL of the kids in the video, but especially for Miss Emily. ;-)

  3. I tack on seven more cheers. Emily's beautiful, by the way.


  4. Sara your niece is beautiful. What a great camp.

    Sending out prayers.


  5. Emily is lovely! What a great cause . . .

    Have you got that book title yet???

  6. Oh, when I grow up, I want to work at this camp. (I worked at a camp for six years, and we had one week for disabled kids that was exhausting and magical -- I imagine this place would be the same, all summer long.) What a beautiful niece.

  7. With love to Emily and hu-rrahs to the whole bunch of them. I love the truths that they're putting out there. Poignant, poignant truths...


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