Thursday, May 14, 2009

Up. Down. Up.

I'm sorry about the lack of blogging. I've been on a roller coaster with my new manuscript.  I love it. I hate it. I love it again. Up. Down. Up.

Ptooey. I'm feeling nauseous. 

The only that helps is knowing that I always feel this dichotic paranoia about my work. Because some things in it are piercingly lovely. And some things in it are crap.  The secret is to trust both of my instincts, to love it and hate it, to not block those feelings, but use them to make it all better. 

If I didn't love it, I couldn't go on. 

If I didn't hate it, I couldn't change it.

So. Up. Down. Up. 
Until today, when I let it go and submitted it.

I wish I could join you for Poetry Friday tomorrow, but I'm going to enjoy a day of rest after the ride.  See you next week.


  1. Blogs always have to wait on the real, online life.

    This just all sounds thrilling. Enjoy your day of rest.

  2. I meant "offline" life. Ergh.

  3. Oh, Sara. Oh, oh, OH, I'm so where you are. I'm allegedly doing a few "final" edits, but I can't seem to let mine go. I hate it, at the moment, and I think, "What's the POINT of this!?? Why did I start!? It SUCKSSSSSSSSSSS!"

    Get off the roller coaster, stagger away shakily, lie down, and get some rest. xo

  4. Oh my mercy, do I know and feel your struggle.

    This is what I love... I mean hate... I mean love... about the writing life in general. Y'know? It is a rush (I love it!!) followed by despair (I hate it!!) followed by... ad naseum. Oi.

    I hope tomorrow includes a very tall latte and a very long savasana for you, my dear...

  5. have you tried Draftamine?

    (the homeopathic cure for queasiness--a sick joke)

  6. Sara,

    Good luck with your manuscript. I know the feelings you expressed about the ups and downs and roller coastering of working on one's writing.

    I found that I had to cut back lately with postings at my blogs recentlty, too. You have lots of loyal followers. We'll keep checking back to see how things are going.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Ahh. Best of luck. Those up. down. up. . . are usually the best reads!


  8. Yay for you going forward sea-sick and all! Hope you are having a great weekendY

  9. This is a comfort to read as I've been on a similar up/down cycle lately.

    Also, I am very much looking forward to reading the final results of all that rollercoastering you're doing. :) I'm glad you stick with it.

  10. Just catching up a bit on blog reading. Hope you've recovered from the experience! Think how boring writing (and the actual stuff we write) would probably be if we loved everything we wrote. Right? Uh, right? Maybe? C'mon, that's what keeps me going...


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