Monday, June 23, 2008

Art in the Pages

Holy Giant Books, Batman!

My county started installing people-sized statues of books at local libraries and schools. The public art sculpture series is called Art in the Pages and features local artists, each of whom submitted a design like the one below:

Artist: Stacy Mehlberg
Title: Read. Grow.

Here are some of the finished sculptures. You can get a better idea of the large scale of these from the photos at the Fairfax Library Foundation blog.

More design sketches here.

I challenge you to see how many children's/YA references you can spot! So far, I've seen Peter Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland, Pooh, Harry Potter, Madeleine, Seuss...but my favorite literary reference has to be the sculpture titled Book Worms, which includes How to Eat Fried Worms along with The Good Earth and Notes From Underground.

What would you do with a blank stack of books?


  1. I would have 3-D objects floating out of the book in reference to classic children's lit - ranging from Tom Sawyer to Harry Potter and Judy Blume. I would call it "Imagination + Time = Endless Possibilities"

  2. Thanks for the links! I'd seen a sculpture at the Chantilly Branch, but didn't realize it was a whole series! Love them.

  3. These are gorgeous! I love when cities do a series like this, and what better form than a pile of books!

  4. I love these sculptures! About 10 years ago, Chicago also had couches everywhere, and it was just fun art!


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