Sunday, August 3, 2008

Paint the Town Red

Well, sure there were people at the Paint the Town Red party last night. But I know you really wanted to see this:

And these:

Okay, now here are the people:

And now back to the conference sessions this morning....I just heard Leonard Marcus give his keynote, using Ursula Nordstrom's letters to encourage and admonish us. Brilliant and funny. I feel comforted that writers in every era have struggled with the same issues of clarity, courage and confidence. We want to paint that town red, but sometimes, it takes a long time to find the shoes that fit. :)


  1. Sara,

    I guess one could describe you as well-red...and well-read. Those cakes look yummy!

  2. I love your dress! Glad you're having fun at the conference!

  3. Ooh-la-la!! You look mahvelous, dahlink! Love the shoe parade :)and the desserts!

  4. Thanks for sharing as you get the time. You certainly made good packing choices. You look fabulous in every shot. Sounds like an awesome place to be. My dear Chautauqua friend, Miriam, is there this week, and I told her to go to your book signing and give my regards. So look for her! And sorry I couldn't be there myself. I admit I was a little jealous of your roomie... I'm feeling replaced. ha djk

  5. Aaargh! I don't HAVE red shoes! I knew that was the problem after all...

  6. Wow to that second pair of shoes!

  7. Oh man those look so yummy. And I love the desserts, too. :)

    Is that a Tanq and tonic you're drinking? Or just water with lime?

    You look fab! Sounds like you heard some wonderful speakers.

  8. yes Yes YES! You are speaking my language. Red shoes make my heart go pitter patter. Yes ma'am. **swoon**

    Sounds like you guys are having great fun. Keep updating!

  9. Oh my lord am I jealous.
    I'm soooo glad you're there soakin' it up...
    (And that you met M. She loved you...)

  10. HI SARA! i just posted (tho i didn't know you at the party yet--so those fotos will have to wait till later this week =) and am addign you to "the beet lovers" writing club. =) xo!!

  11. Not sure why Cindy is calling us the "Beet Lovers," since we're really the RockSugarBeets, but I'll let it slide. ;-) Now tell me about this KidLit thingy...??

  12. yikes! i didn't realize we had put it to vote.

  13. Yeah!!!! Sara, I'm so glad you made it to L.A. this year. I hope the flight back went well. Thanks for introducing me to your "rocking red beets!" And thanks for signing my copy of "Letters to Rapunzel" (hooray!!!).

    I thought of you yesterday (I'm attending a Disney seminar for university beard-scratchers), and a lively lady talked about the best way to increase neural connections was to learn something radically new and complex like a language or a musical instrument. Not far off from all the wild things you've endeavored to learn!!

    Cheers! You rock!!!

  14. Ooh, this is fun to read comments after I'm home. Like making the party last just a tiny bit longer.

    Donna, Miriam was delightful and thank you for sending her to meet me. We both belong to your fan club. :)

    Liz, M. and I met way too briefly, but I did get to gush about you and her and upcoming excitement, so I was content.

    Amber, the DC KidLit Book club info is with Susan at Wizards Wireless. She's a fantastic organizer, and you can email her at : E-mail wizardwireless [at] gmail [dot] com

    Mac, we'll make you an honorary Beet. :)

  15. I guess we must vote. Although . . . I like the RockSugarBeets (good, stupid riff off the Beat Poets).

    Where are my shoes? I'll have to send you a picture from home. They were very cute red patent 1940's style.

    Wonderful wonderful wonderful to meet you!

    And of course we'll take Mac McCool as an honorary member. With a name like that he'll give us a little street cred.

  16. What great party photos!! I love them so much!! I had the most fantastic red, velvet, Christmas-elf-type boots I could have debuted, had I not worn the Buffy pants.

    I'm thrilled you found yourself in my photos. (Thanks, Mac!!) I admire Letters From Rapunzel so much!! (He totally showed off his autographed copy that day, and we all oohed and ahhed.)

    Your Leonard Marcus moment is magic. I've had moments like that at this conference, too. It's amazing.


    Conference pics here, for anyone who wants to see! :D


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