Friday, August 22, 2008

Poetry Friday: Cake

I'm using this photo of my husband and me because it's the best cake one I have, and because it was our anniversary on Monday.

BUT... I want you to know that even though I'm posting the following funny poem for Poetry Friday, I don't consider my husband "impossible" in any way, except for impossibly supportive of me and my life's work.

A Slice of Wedding Cake did make me laugh, though, and then I found all sorts of other amusing cake and poetry links.

Let's celebrate the sweetness of laughter in our lives, shall we?

Why have such scores of lovely, gifted girls
Married impossible men?
Simple self-sacrifice may be ruled out,
And missionary endeavour, nine times out of ten.

Read the rest here, or better yet, listen to an audio recording of poet Robert Graves reading his A Slice of Wedding Cake.

And more on the cake and poetry theme...

Via Adam Rex's blog, Frankenstein finds his poetic inspiration:

Via the blog, Cake Wrecks, comedy at the expense of cake: (Thanks, Kelly, for pointing me to Cake Wrecks in the first place. Now it's my daily laugh.)

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  1. Funny poem, Sara. Thanks for sharing! Makes me think of the odd pairings in high school with the hot girl letting a loser girl hang around her, just making the hot girl look even better!

    And--what an adorable pic of you and your husband. So joyful! Happy anniversary!

  2. Ah, I have to send that poem to several people today... it's just TOO fitting! I especially enjoyed hearing him read it -- funny British voice.

    (PS - it's time to change your "About Me" to include the title of your new book! Wheee!)

  3. Caaaaaaaake!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. That's a great poem... Happy anniversary! Marriage is sweet but no cake-walk -- anniversaries are definitely worth celebrating.

  5. What I love best about that poem is that it's by a guy, yet it speaks so very clearly to women about being women. So great.

  6. I've always wanted to hear that cake comic again -- my friend and I always quote the cake-at-parties bit. Thanks for the link...

  7. Adorable photo! I love the candles on the cake. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Hey Sara! Thanks for your mention yesterday! I am now looking forward to Valerie's book.

    You are quite the daily blogger. We are having so much fun with ours :-)

    The cake guy is hysterical!!!!!

  9. Happy anniversary, Sara. Laughed out loud at the poem

  10. Fun photo, Sara!! Cheers!!

  11. Happy Anniversary!

    You're right, the poem was even better when Graves read it. Thanks for all the fun bonus cake humor!

  12. Love that poem! And cake. You can never talk too much about cake.

  13. Back to say that I just listened to the poem, too -- fabulous. Just great.

    And, belated happy anniversary wishes to you and your un-impossible man.


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