Thursday, August 7, 2008

That's what friends are for

More on the SCBWI L.A. conference...

This is what friends are for. They blog so you don't have to:

Cindy Pon on what I ate. (Not everything that she did, but I had that amazing beet salad and that bread basket, and all that yummy Rock Sugar Grill food.) Plus, Cindy is a very fun person to hang out with, and the author of the upcoming YA fantasy, Spirit Bound. She also appreciates a good-looking waiter.

Paula Yoo (author of the YA novel, Good Enough) blogged everything. And she got a pic of me, holding Letters From Rapunzel after I had done my mini-interview for readergirlz. Thanks, Paula! I can't wait to see all our videos. (And thanks for my Yoo "special" drink.)

Bill Cochran (author of The Forever Dog) blogged what he learned. Oh, yeah, I learned some of that stuff, too, like "You never know who’s going to inspire you. But it’s hard not to get inspired at this place."

Elise Murphy blogged cupcakes and costumes. Loved hanging out with you, Elise. You made even an airport a good place to be.

Here I am with Jacqui Robbins, author of The New Girl...and Me, at the Golden Kite lunch.

I now know several amazing and surprising things about her that I've sworn never to reveal. She has blogged three of the wonderful picture book authors that were there, including Adam Rex, Deborah Freedman and Yuyi Morales.

And speaking of Adam Rex, here's a cool fact: we both have a close family member in the astrophysics field. (He, his wife; me, my daughter.) Adam has not blogged this amazing coincidence yet, but when he does, I'll link. :)

And here he is with my friend, Amy Thomas. I loooove this picture! (I love Amy, too. That girl has brains and a great sense of humor.)

So there you go. Go read what others had to say about the conference. That's what I plan to do!


  1. I can't wait to read what everyone blogged about, thanks! I really want to try and attend next year, it looks like such fun.

  2. "that I've sworn never to reveal."

    Just thought I'd emphasize that bit... :)

  3. Ya know...I'm so glad you posted a few particular pictures so I can look at them and think, "oh, yeah" and sigh delightedly. I know that sounds cryptic, but it's the best I can do.

    And hey, we've got the same thing in common, too--astrophysics. (my hubby)

  4. Man that was fun! Rock Sugar Beets Rock On!

  5. hahaha on that last foto!! i'm the sadness for being too lazy to get in rex's line. next year. and i also want to buy psst for him to sign. =D

    i wonder what amber is sighing over? hehehe!

  6. Great pictures, Sara, thanks for sending me the link.
    Sorry I'm doing that with my face. I never look good in photos.


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