Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Round Three: Line Edits

Yes, I'm here.  I'm line-editing.  Round Three.

That's where we bring the manuscript (in the words of my editor) to "complete and breathing life."  

New lines are born and must find lungs.

Old lines expire. Wheezing all the way. 

Some lines move to get fresh air.

This "breathing life" business is exhilarating. And exhausting.

Down to five more breaths. Five more changes. Then I'm reading the whole thing yet again.

Good thing I love bringing a story to life more than most anything. 


  1. Sending you some virtual beets, apple pie, and chocolate covered macadamia nuts to get you to the finish line. :)

    P.S. Made some Green Chile Chicken Stew again and loving every spoonful!

  2. Love your poetic view on revision. Your post truly captures the essense of revision.

  3. I do believe that yours is a match made in heaven (you and Cheryl, that is). Breathing life, indeed!

    Keep on plugging. We'll still be here waiting for you to come up for air.

  4. Breathing life.
    I LOVE that.
    Adds a little goddess-like glamour to the toughness of it all.
    Can't wait to read the living, breathing results...

  5. Dang, every time you depart your editor's words of wisdom -- a bit here, a bit there -- I think, she's brilliant. I mean, I believe you when you say she is, but it's easy to tell w/out you even saying it.

    I'm so glad you've got her.

    Have fun!


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