Tuesday, September 18, 2007

All My Yesterdays

Today is all about yesterday. Well, not yesterday, exactly, but some blog posts from the past that need updating, or that I'm still thinking about:

  • First, my two posts about questions, "Why is a Bicycle?" and "P.S. Let Me Expand on That...,"dovetail nicely with the 7-Imps 7 Kicks post featuring Trudy White and her new book, Could You? Would You? I posted my answer to one of Trudy's evocative questions over at 7-Imps in the comments, but I'm re-posting here because it's so much fun. Go over to 7-Imps if you want to play along:
    Question: How would someone find you in a crowd? My answer: 1) The super-secret-draw-no- attention-to-either-of-us way: Look at each person’s right hand. When you find the one that always has a ruby ring that’s the color of love on the fourth finger, stop and introduce yourself. 2) The I-don’t-care-who-sees-us method: Hire Paul Simon to play “Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes.” I’ll find you on the dance floor.

  • Next, Jacquelynn Buck, the photographer I wrote about and who took my author picture, has a new photo blog, A Journey. She and her camera will be blogging their way through North and South Carolina for seven weeks. Ride along if you want.

  • Remember the poem I posted a few Poetry Fridays back: "On turning a t-shirt right side out"? Well, I'm dreaming of having it put on the back of a t-shirt. Is that crazy? I'm a fan of poetry being out there in the world on buses and on the backs of cereal boxes and yes, on clothes. In fact, I would even like to design a line of clothing in which poems are printed on the inside of garments, so only you know they're there, like secret armor. But anyway, back to my more doable t-shirt idea: how would I have this made so it looks really chic? Downright arty, in fact? Most do-it-yourself shirt places only do big slogans in ALL CAPS. And I really need it to fit me, so no men's shirts. And I like white, but it can't be that see-through stuff. (Stacy and Clinton: look the other way. I know how you feel about message shirts.)

  • I'm loving Poetry Friday so much that I put a button in the sidebar, with links to 1) Chicken Spaghetti's handy-dandy explanation for the phenomenon, 2) the creator of the Poetry Friday button, and 3) a quick link to all of my poetry posts in one place.

  • I also took my post, "Enter" and made it my Mission Statement: This is why I write (you can see it there under my blog archive.)

  • Remember my post about last lines? Well, I changed the last lines of my second book, again. Actually, my husband (and then, my agent) told me I had ended the story, like four different ways. Hmmm. Tweak, tweak.

That's it! Back to the present. Unless I decide to watch Spock fall in love with Zarabeth in All Our Yesterdays. (Sorry, Shakespeare, I know you had the original: "And all our yesterdays have lighted fools/The way to dusty death.")


  1. I will definitely be riding along with Jacquelynn! I'm from the Carolinas...and I love that photo of you.

  2. Oh, good, Barbara. You and me will sit in the back seat and oooh and ahhhh.

    I just noticed, too, that if you click on the photos on her site, you get a much larger, more detailed picture to run your eyes over.

  3. You've been busy!

  4. By the way, I love those tee shirt/poetry ideas . . .

  5. You're not crazy about the t-shirt and I just may be buying one...


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