Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why stop at lunch?

We ate French crepes. We signed each other's books. We talked about writing, and moving, and critique groups and author visits and bookstores. And we hatched a plan to start a DC/VA/MD Kid-Lit group. Yes, Caroline Hickey (author of Cassie was Here) and I had a very productive lunch yesterday. Here's her post, "D.C. Lobbies for Own Kidlit Drinks Nite," with info on how to contact her if you want to join in the Capital City fun.

And just in case you're wondering what the D.C. area has to offer in the way of kid-literary adventure:

What about a field trip to the Library of Congress? (Caroline's idea) Think they'd let a bunch of kidlit enthusiasts rummage around in the archives? Or trot out a few of their kidlit related treasures? Maybe not if we've had a few drinks beforehand, but if we promise to show up nice and orderly on a weekday morning?

I'd like to check out the new Arlington location of Busboys and Poets. The original location, on U Street in D.C. was named for Langston Hughes, who worked as a busboy at the nearby Wardman Park Hotel and left poems beside the dinner plate of another poet, Nicholas Lindsay. Most of the authors that visit seem to be decidedly non-kidlit, but hey, with as edgy as YA is becoming, we could probably pitch something to them. Or just hang out and eat. They've got peanut and banana sandwiches, if we wanna stand up for our youthful perspective. Think those would be good with a green apple martini? For pictures, see here.

The Lorton Arts Foundation is transforming a closed prison workhouse into a 55-acre cultural arts center. In 1917, the workhouse once held 170 women arrested for agitating for the right to vote; throughout the years, it housed other prisoners up until December of 2001. Now, it's the site of proposed arts programs that are heavy on the visual and performing arts, but I did see in their planning documents something called Letters and Lore, which promises workshops and author readings. Perhaps our newly formed D.C./VA/MD Kidlit group could come up with a rocking program? I'm game!

Go see Caroline at the Longstockings or comment here to join us!


  1. I'm taking the train into D.C. on September 29th for the National Book Festival. How about a fabulous lunch on this day and some sightseeing devoted to books in the afternoon? Sadly, my train leaves at 7:30, so drinks that night would be out for me.

    Even if it's not the 29th, I'd take the train to D.C. to meet all you lovely people.

  2. Sadly, Caroline can't make the Book Festival. But I was planning to, if I can work out a few family issues. I'll let you know soon.

    Maybe after Caroline collects all the emails, we could arrange a meeting place at the Festival, so even without us, everyone could find each other.

    And yes! Please take the train up for any of our get-togethers. I don't know when or what they'll be yet, but we want you there!


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