Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"They all shriek at the same time..."

"Writing is still kind of scary, but carnival scary, not lung disease scary." - Adam Rex, in his interview at Nerds With Kids.

"Everybody's equal on a roller coaster. They all shriek at the same time." - Harry Guy Traver, via

Why has no one written a children's book about Harry Guy Traver? I mean, come on, read this about one of his famous rides, the Cyclone roller coaster at Crystal Beach:
"The Crystal Beach ride also kept a nurse in the station who was there to assist anyone who fainted, although she was originally hired to help lower insurance costs. Later, it is rumored that the she was kept on the payroll to help keep the Cyclone known as one of the fiercest coasters around. Popular coaster lore says that she kept smelling salts on her and that a hot dog stand adjacent to the coaster sold splints."
Profile of Harry Traver from

Okay, nurse! Stand by! I'm going to write now. Administer cotton candy if I pass out.


  1. No one has written it, 'cause you're destined to write one . . . one day. Maybe even about this topic.

    Love that Adam Rex quote.

  2. Yummm cotton candy - sounds well worth the risk!

  3. hilarious and fascinating. I could use a nurse for my reputation.

  4. I love that quote, too, Jules.

    Cath: "nurse for my reputaion" Ha! I won't ask what you've been up to.

    Amy: cotton candy was the purest sugar shock to the system I could think of.

  5. I rode that roller coaster many times before it was disassembled and sent to Japan. I'd love to know more about the genius who created it.

  6. Really, Tricia? How cool. Can you confirm the presence of a nurse or was that before your time?

    If you want to know more about Traver, the profile I linked to is interesting, and asks if he was a creative genius or a obsessed designer who used humans as guinea pigs.

    Side note: I met my husband on a trip to an amusement park. We rode The Great American Scream Machine together at Six Flags over Georgia. There's something about yelling your lungs out with another person that makes you want to date them...


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