Friday, September 21, 2007

Poetry Friday: Who Said What (Not Your Mother's Kumbaya)

I'm taking a very deep breath. How to round-up 46 posts for Poetry Friday? Maybe if I talk at the speed of light?

Or maybe I'll let each of you around the circle, one by one, recite the poetry you found. (No need to hold hands; it's not Kumbaya or anything.) Just imagine each voice below saying their line, and let all the words bump against each other and make a new poem. (I especially like MotherReader's harried soul bumping up against Emily Dickinson's lazy grass.) I kept everyone's post in the order I received it, but it was SO tempting to re-arrange. (I'll let you do that yourselves. Report back.) And when you get done reading it that way, all serious-like, take a breath and go back through, following my slightly ribald suggestion at the end. (Hey, Shakespeare did ribald!)

Adventures in Daily Living
: "World, World, I cannot hold thee close enough!"
Sam Riddleburger: "COURTESY"
David E.: "A poet named Nash/scribbled lines in a flash..."
Cuentecitos: "I weep for you," the Walrus said. "I deeply sympathize."
AmoXcalli: "And I shall have some peace there..."
Jama Rattigan: "God have mercy on the sinner/Who must write with no dinner..."
hipwritermama: "I had a little nut-tree/Nothing would it bear..."
Michele: "The brief night goes/In babble and revel and wine."
Mary Lee: "Up! up! my Friend, and quit your books..."
Stacey: Hurt no living thing."
Tricia: "Six chocolate bars!" (A SMILE)
Literacy Teacher: "He teeters, skitters, tingles, teases..."
TadMack: "It will be hard to let go/of what i said to myself/about myself..."
Book Buds: "Though War is old/It has not become wise..."
Wild Rose Reader: "A can can roll - or not..."
Karen Edmisten: "About suffering, they were never wrong..."
Literary Safari: This is just to say..."
Jules: "Tell me lean, green one,/What would you be?"
NoWheyMama: "September has come, it is hers..."
Laura Salas (15 words or less): "it will be exhilarating instead of embarrassing!"
Laura Salas: "I almost died/of foolishness in beautiful Florida."
Semicolon: " What profanations these/That seek to dim the glories/Of apple-pie and cheese!"
Kelly (Big A, Little a): "The truth is seldom welcome,/especially at dinner..."
Chicken Spaghetti: "I give way to you."
Jone: "summer's last dance..."
The Simple and the Ordinary: "A circle is round/it has no end..."
John Mutford: "There was a young bard of Japan/whose limericks never would scan...."
Charlotte: "The railroad track is miles away,/And the day is loud with voices speaking..."
Kelly Fineman: "She liked whate'er /She looked on, and her looks went everywhere."
cloudscome: "Oh that teacher says keep yo/eyes up on the screen!"
divatobe: "permission denied" (Can we fix this?)
Little Willow: "Let me in, you kids!"
cloudscome (2): "We'll make an anthology out of the walls..."
Poetry For Children: "I loved my friend./He went away from me."
Becky: "Together, you and I could form a sentence that's complete."
MotherReader: "Am I too old to run away from home?"
Miss Erin: "The Grass so little has to do-A Sphere of simple Green-"
Lisa (Passionately Curious): "Orange on orange. Autumn came..."
Jennie (BiblioFile): "Last week, we ate apples and honey, then..."
Liz in Ink: "It's never too late..."
Book Buds(2): "Peace will come upon us..."
Crispus Attucks: "you in deep, deep trouble."
Tiel Aisha Ansari: "Don't look down..."
LindaBudz: "Where shall we adventure, to-day that we're afloat...?"
whimsy: "Tell me, O Octopus, I begs.."
Becky (at Farm School): "to remember for ever and ever..."

Now, if you don't mind a bit of mild irreverence towards poetry, move from serious to silly by channeling John Green. That's right, add "in your pants" to each line. (Parties always get a little out of control at the end.)

P.S. If I didn't get your post in this roundup, no worries. Just leave a comment and I'll add you. You'll still be in the drawing for the poetry mug. I'll give everyone until tomorrow at noon to link or comment here.


  1. Hurt no living thing in your pants . . .
    Six chocolate bars in your pants . . .
    Don't look down in your pants . . .

    Okay, that bit of silliness has me on the floor. Great round up. Thanks, Sara.

  2. Yeah, I have the giggles too. But I'm trying to keep it together because I had to go back and fix a few links, and some misspellings. Whew! This hostess gig is tough! :)

  3. I'm partial to "you're in deep, deep trouble in your pants."

    What a riot - and what a fun round-up.

  4. What an impressive host!!

  5. It was beautiful and lyrical reading down, but when I read back up, it was your pants!

  6. Okay, I saw "ribald" and started adding "between the sheets," as is done in reading fortune cookies. Also makes things very, very funny.

    And I used "in my pants" instead of "in your pants", so "Don't look down in my pants" and "Autumn came in my pants" and "It will be exhilerating instead of embarrassing in my pants" and "I give way to you in my pants" all made me guffaw. But they were also funny between the sheets (or, if you prefer, "in bed.")

    As far as abuttments go, I particularly liked the implied meter of "Up! up! my Friend, and quit your books/Hurt no living thing." And the sentiment of "September has come, it is hers, it will be exhilerating instead of embarassing . . . "


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