Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mother, May I?

I don't know how many of you ever belly up to the Geek Buffet. I only found out about it though Jennie, from BiblioFile. She sometimes has articles posted (displayed? served?) at the Buffet, and recently, it was a tasty piece called: "I'm an Adult, I swear!" In it, she writes about sugary cereals, and red shoes, and notes to yourself on the palms of your hands. And she asks: What indulgences do you allow yourself, as a tribute to your inner child?"

I allow myself to eat popcorn for dinner.
I walk out barefoot to get the newspaper.
I cry (yes, sob) when reading.
I read at the breakfast table.
I dance like a maniac.
I play dress-up with new clothes, trying them on in all sorts of combinations.
I sweat and get dirty and work out hard until I stink.
I lie down on the floor and wonder about things.
I carry a beat-up notebook around, and write in it whatever I like.

Yeah, that last one's the best. Whatever I like. And miracle of miracles, "whatever I like" turns out to be (sometimes) a story that someone else could also like. Told you so! says my Inner Child.


  1. Those are good ones! I also like your inner child photo-- most of mine involve bad mullets. Ergh... ;)

    Are there any that you stopped doing when you had kids? I think when people start paying closer attention to my habits, I'll probably stop eating all the sugar cereal and writing on myself...

    But I'll keep dancing in the kitchen.

  2. Well, some things you stop eating jelly beans before dinner, (or maybe you just start sneaking them, instead.) But having kids also gives you permission to do other things that you might the hokey-pokey or staring at an ant for an hour or decorating cupcakes with way too many sprinkles.

  3. I have three kids (still quite young - but not for long) to keep my young. I enjoy McDonald's on occasion, draw and color, invent, create and - my favorite - daydream.

    Come on in, the water's fine!

  4. Look at you in that pic, punkin head.

    (sorry, can't help it)

  5. I do yoga for fun. Stick my feet in the air and roll around and try to stand on my head! You have perfect yoga toes in that picture. Your Mom says "Yes, you may!".

  6. Thanks, mom! My toes say thanks, too!


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