Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Cybils: Team Poetry

Straight from the Cybils blog, here is the roster for Team Poetry. It's my home team, so I'm going to be LOUD about it: GOOOOOO TEAM! KNOCK 'EM DOWN! ROLL 'EM UP! (Oh, wait...we're the refs. I don't think we're allowed to yell.)

Nominations open on October 1st, so be ready to shout out the names of the books you're rooting for. One nomination per category. (See the Cybils blog for the other categories, more team rosters, the official rulebook, and some play-by-play from previous years.)


Poetry Category Organizer: Kelly Fineman (Writing and Ruminating)

Nominating Panel:

Kelly Fineman (Writing and Ruminating)
Laura Purdie Salas (Writing the World for Kids)
Elaine Magliaro (Wild Rose Reader)
Wendy Betts (Blog from the Windowsill)
Sylvia Vardell (Poetry for Children)

Judging Panel:

Gregory K. (Gotta Book)
Jone Rush MacCulloch (Check It Out)
Sara Lewis Holmes (Read Write Believe)
Cloudscome (A Wrung Sponge)
Franki Sibberson (A Year of Reading)


  1. Sara,

    I'm really looking forward to serving as a member of the Cybils poetry-nominating panel once again this year. I've already read several excellent 2007 children's poetry books--and I hope to read many more!

  2. I'm glad you're on the nominating panel, Elaine. I'm sure you'll give us judges the best of the best!


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