Saturday, August 2, 2008


To quote myself: "I promise to post from the conference."

At least I didn't say "I promise to post immediately and every day from the conference, and send you pictures of me standing on my head as I do this..." So technically, I didn't lie to you.

The thing is, I'm not a reporter. Alice Pope is doing that, beautifully at CWIM. I'm more of a ponderer. So, until I have time to ponder, can I buy you off with a few tidbits?

Bruce Coville on taking risks in your writing: "No leap...No wings." I love that. I may get a bumper sticker. Or a tattoo.

Adam Rex passed around a dummy of Dirty Cowboy with the editorial notes attached. Wow. It was mind-blowing to see how blunt some of the commentary was and how much re-drawing was involved.

So far, I've purchased:

In a Blue Room by Jim Averbeck
Psssst! by Adam Rex
Minders of Make-Believe by Leonard Marcus
A Caldecott Celebration: Six Artists Share Their Path to the Caldecott Medal by Leonard Marcus
Show and Tell: The Fine Art of Picture Book Illustration

and two red awareness bracelets that say: Reading = Power

(I know that list above is heavy on the picture book/illustration side of things, but I think that's because I have so many novels waiting for me at home already. And because I'm a sucker for a lovely book...)

Speaking of novels, I finished Sherman Alexie's Reservation Blues on the plane. Yes, it's good. Yes, you should read it.

I'm looking forward to seeing Little Willow in a few hours to tape a video for Readergirlz. I'll let you know when it's posted.

And finally, thank you to all who came to see my at my book signing.

Me and my new friend
from Mississippi, Sarah Hardy

Here's my fabulous roommate, Val Patterson, supporting me at the signing. (I hope to come to a book signing for her one day soon!)
I'll try to take a few more pictures tonight at the Paint the Town Red party. Until then...


  1. Oh Sara! It looks like so much fun. LOVE the Bruce Coville quote. Nice.
    Enjoy yourself--can't wait to read more!

  2. Thank you for being a part of today's fun! I was so glad to see you. Always a pleasure. :)

  3. I didn't know you and Val were roomies--give her a big ol' hug from me, would you?

  4. Ooh!! Those books you bought look so good! I've only seen the Jim Averbeck one so far. And I LOVE your polka dot skirt :)!!
    Me = polka dot maniac.

  5. Aww. Miss you and Little Willow. *sob* Thanks for the update...

  6. What great books you've purchased! I'm dying to read the Show and Tell one. Do let me know how it is!

    It just all sounds so FUN!

  7. I love Adam Rex's Psssst! I love all the annoyed faces the girl makes as the animals' requests become more and more of a burden.

  8. Thanks for the pic! I loved being with you in L.A.

    Sarah Frances Hardy


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