Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't open the Cheetos

I'm not feeling profound today. Finishing a novel sucks out brain cells and mine haven't regenerated yet. So you get a post about Cheetos.

I like to eat while I read. Or read while I eat. One-handed foods are a must, as are those that don't drip or spatter. Not that I think about it too hard. I pretty much eat what I'm going to eat, and then adjust my lunch reading material accordingly.  Tomato soup = cheap news magazine or Washington Post.  PB&J = new hardback book (Unsigned. Signed books don't come near my table.)  

According to the comments for this post, Cheetos make the list of worst foods to eat while you read, and I concur, especially if it's a library book.  However, I strongly disagree with the body of the post which claims that popcorn is a "bad" book food.  No way. Of course, I don't grease mine with butter, but I think popcorn is the BEST food to eat while reading. Give me a big bowl of it, some kind of fizzy beverage, and a fat book. I did like the suggestion of hot tea and licorice.  (Again in the comments. Those smart commenters!) 

Things I've eaten while reading: sushi, cereal, salad, baked sweet potatoes, Good 'n' Plenty, stuffed baby eggplant, sea salt and vinegar chips, apples with peanut butter, graham crackers and milk, toast with jelly, and much more. I've attempted a burger (not wise) and am adept at soup. 

I'm pretty sure a dietician or a mindfulness expert would advise against multi-tasking my eating and reading.  They might have a heart attack if they saw this guide:

Food/Suggested Read: 

fried bologna sandwich/ InStyle magazine (the more humble your meal, the more outrageously satisfying looking at $895 shoes is.)

Lebanese lentil soup/The Book Thief (If you're going to read a book narrated by Death, you need soup, and lentil is my favorite.)

Sushi/poetry.  (Attention to detail in both food and words.)

What's your recommendation?

P.S. Did you know there's an International Edible Book Festival? I didn't.

P.P. S. Random movie thought: Eat Drink Man Woman---have you seen it? Sooo good.


  1. Congratulations on finishing.
    Hope to join you there soon!

  2. There are, ahem, a few books in my collection with -- surprise -- coffee stains on them.

    But, though this isn't food-related, I am proud to say I have not YET dropped a book in the bubble bath. That can be a fine art -- reading in the tub and not getting the book soaked.

  3. My vice is peanut MMs. But I also love spicy cheetos!! Watch out for the yellow cheese stain. IT'll ruin anything and everything. (Not that I woudl know or anything :)

  4. I like the crunchy Cheetos. The key to eating whilst reading, of course, is one hand for the book, one hand for the food. And never get confused as to which hand is which.

    Jules: My wife and her mother use the term "bathtub book" to refer to any book they're willing to read in the bath because they don't care if it falls in....

  5. I like that phrase. I'll have to adopt it. Unfortunately, I take really GREAT books to the tub, too, but thank goodness I've never dropped one.

  6. I recommend the new "natural" Cheetos in White Cheddar--orange-free and they taste GOOD. Reading/food combos: People Style Issue and pretzels with milk (almost as tasty as popcorn and carbonated drink). Classic literature and PopTarts. Free-verse poetry and cherry licorice/Tootsie Rolls mingled.

  7. Readers, Writers and Believers:
    If you're interested in reading AND eating cheetos at the same time, check out my company's kraft paper book covers at They're great if you ever lend out or borrow books, like to write down your thoughts or want a bit of privacy as you read on the train, plane or cafe.
    PS: Please don't be offended by my promotion on Sara's blog; I cleared this post with her first.


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