Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poll Results (Check yes or no)

I was wrong. I'm not so strange. My poll says so.

80% of you said Big Ideas jump-start your engine,  just like me.
20% of said Juicy Memories inspire you, not like me. 

But many of you left comments saying both were essential, and I bow to your wisdom.  Nothing in life is ever as bisected and artificial as poll answers. 

It reminds me of those notes from high school:
 Do you like me? Check yes or no. 

How about: I like you enough to say HEY to you every single day, but not enough to hook up with you.

Or:  I hate you, but I can't say that because you would take that as a sign that I care, so I'll just stick this note in the glove compartment with all your other sick notes.

Or: OMG! OMG!  I LOVE everything about you! But I'm going to check No. 

Which makes me think that literature is a complicated answer to a simple question.

Duckings:  Make way or not?

Messenger:  Am I or not?

Octavian: Traitor or not? 


  1. ::rolling on floor::
    Ducklings: Make Way or Not?

    I need to finish my novel so I can be funny and clever again -- I almost said "like you," but that would be asking for a lot.

  2. The hardest part of answering the "Do you like me" note from junior high was... I didn't know who it was from or who to return it to or how! It showed up in my locker one morning and all day I'm like a blind man in a round room looking for a corner.

    Since our answers are rarely that black-and-white I guess my only response is "Yes and No and Maybe," whoever you are.

  3. Turning the titles into questions totally gets to their themes. (Well, maybe not for the ducks; definitely for Octavian, though.) WHY didn't I figure this out in college?

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