Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Reading Date

Today, my daughter and I are going on a Reading Date. 

We're driving to our local indie bookstore, Politics and Prose, having lunch, buying books...and we're sitting there in the store and reading them. 

We may stop here for a cupcake on the way back. 

Don't you want to make a Reading Date with someone you love?

(Can someone design a Reading Date logo? I need one.)


  1. That is so stinkin' cool. I can't wait 'til my daughters are old enough for Reading Dates (right now, I'd just be chasing them around a lot)...have fun!

  2. Sara! Hey girl! I'm headed to Politics and Prose too--- meet you there!

  3. That sounds fantastic! I'm with Jules; we'd be on a "run around the indie pulling books off the shelves" date. But my husband and I sometimes go to the bookstore on date night (yes, it's that kind of wild life around here).

  4. OH! When my mom and sister and I do "girly day in the city" on Monday, we're totally going to P&P, even though I think the rest of the day will be spent on U street. Eh, what's a few more metro stops and a train switch between friends?

    If you want really good cupcakes though, you might want to stop off at U street and go to Love Cafe, which is Cakelove's single serving shop. Om nom nom

  5. I happy to report that we bought four books and some stocking stuffers. My only disappointment was the Aretha Franklin Christmas CD, which apparently is exclusive to Borders and WaldenBooks. That set off a mutual rant by me and the helpful book/music guru behind the counter. Also, I would've bought Laura Miller's The Magician's Book, but it hadn't come in yet.

    We stopped on the way home for coffee and chocolate cupcakes with toffee buttercream frosting. mmmmm

  6. I could be workin on that Reading Date logo. How would you use it? We go on Group Reading Dates to B&N which involve towers of books and magazines, coffee, mega-cookies and conversation that typically devolves and thus entertains innocent bookstore bystanders.

  7. Aw man. That is so cool.

    I adore spending time in bookstores. There's something about being surrounded by books that is so thrilling.

  8. Let me know when you get your logo. My hubbie and I have a standing date on New Year's Eve to visit bookstores, drink coffee, browse and read as a fitting end to each year!


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