Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What exactly do creative people DO all day?

Instead of blogging, I'm sending you snooping via two links:

----My editor, Cheryl, sent me this site that feeds my love of reading about process: Daily Routines   

I'd have to put myself in the "early risers" category at Daily Routines. My favorite quote? 

"Honestly, I still can't wait to get my pants on in the morning," Friedman said.

----My friend Jackie answers the question: What do photographers do when they get bored?

It's a lot more interesting than what writers do when they get bored. (Watch 30 Rock. Eat Peppermint Jo-Jos. Write glowing reviews in their heads.)


  1. What a great site! Fascinating stuff. Thanks.

  2. I loved reading the daily routines; thanks. But I'm glad my REAL daily routine is not published anywhere (wake up, plan to write, sleep instead...)

  3. Oh. My. God.
    I am now going to be addicted to Daily Routines. It will be one of my ... um ... daily routines. Bwah ha ha...

  4. Fire: Good! Now, those are just fun to look at. I think my husband would enjoy those, too, seeing as how all time stops if he's in the room when that Discovery Channel blow-things-up show is on (I'm blanking on the name).

  5. That Daily Routine site is awesome. That's what I'm doing today instead of writing - reading about other writers!

    I have fantasies in my head about some important interview because I've become some important writer and they ask about my routine and the fantasy always falls apart because my routine is so boring! I love it but yeah...

  6. Loved the link. I think I'm starting to be an early morning writing. Used to be an early afternoon writer but lifestyles change.


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