Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holidays: Kick back and...

What do you do to relax?

I'm asking because it struck me as funny the other day when three members of my household were all engaged in "relaxing" activities that would be crazy-making to others:

One was building a scale model of a lunar landing craft. (This involves tiny pieces, glue and patience. You know this wasn't me, don't you?)

One was learning Stairway to Heaven on the guitar. (This might be me, except I have no musical aptitude.) 

One was writing/fiddling/obsessing over a sestina. (Of course, you found me. Weird word woman.)

And you? Do you relax in ways that others find strange?


  1. I like to read, watch TV or bake. I even like to write (I know, funny - right?).

  2. I bake cookies. I find it very zen and I'm really, really, slow at it. Making dinner for other people just freaks me out (the whole timeline thing) but when there's no deadline and it's just me doing my thing it's very soothing. I like that the process uses a different part of my brain.

    It was interesting though at Christmas, everyone was so psyched to not have to do anything this weekend, to be away from their work. To do nothing. I couldn't wait to get back TO work - Because that too can be relaxing. The flow of ideas, the sound of fingers on the keyboard, the quiet life outside the window. It's lovely.

  3. Cookie zen. I could get into that. The easiest kind are from pie crust. You just cut them out with tiny cutters and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Addictive.

    And I agree with you both that writing can be relaxing, as long as we shed the baggage before we begin and just see where the road takes us. I like playing within a form, like the sestina I'm writing. Paradoxically, it frees me up to really let loose.

  4. I just noticed this and had to add mine. I go through stages of doodling for relaxation and am currently engaged in series of spirals. I'm not sure if it's a little obsessive on its own rights, or if I've been so prolific at my designs because I've needed soooo much relaxing.

  5. A lot of the things I like to do most involve keeping my brain and my hands busy--writing, cooking, puzzles, crosswords. When I really want to veg out, I watch a movie or maybe some TV on DVD. I am lately, for instance, addicted to season one of Gossip Girl.


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