Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Critique Group Is . . .

a) a blessed gathering of like minds, dedicated to the creative development and uplift of all, capable of launching a career into the heavens like a bottle rocket by instantly exploding 300 crappy words into a breath-takingly beautiful, 50,000 word sunburst of a novel.

b) a snarled bramble patch of furies, guaranteed to plunge you into the flaming pits of self-doubt hell with their prickly comments and murmured jealousies.

c) an excuse for eating chocolate and talking about other writers

Stumped? Newbery Honor author, Kirby Larson, is taking your questions about critique groups. (And I'm part of the slate of authors she's lined up to help answer them.) So fire away. What would you like to know?

Post your questions at Kirby's blog.

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