Wednesday, May 19, 2010

War Stories: Reviews Wanted

For Memorial Day, Kidsmomo is calling for kid reviews of war stories: "books about war — stories of those who fought and also those whose lives at home were affected." Anyone interested? Operation Yes is on the list of suggested books, but you can submit a review for any book on the theme you like.

One book I would add to that list is HOMEFRONT, by my friend, Doris Gwaltney, which is set during World War II. It received starred reviews from both School Library Journal and Booklist, and I adore the frank, funny voice of its main character, Margaret Ann Motley. It also has that deep connection to physical place that I loved so much in Hattie Big Sky.

The new paperback cover

Please pass the Kidsmomo link to teachers and librarians who might be able to encourage kids to submit reviews. There have been many recent articles highlighting books about war and military families but I've yet to hear much from the actual kids who read them.

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  1. Somehow MARE'S WAR never makes it onto these lists... I guess, in a way, it's not exactly a war story, what with those modern jumps. But, on the other hand... with war in the title, you'd think it wouldn't keep getting lost!

    I'm glad that someone is remembering Memorial Day, and that it's not just the kick-off of the summer barbecue season...


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