Tuesday, May 4, 2010

These Aren't the Droids . . .

Lately, in an effort to break my habit of surfing around the 'net instead of drafting my new middle grade manuscript, I've taken to using a series of Star Wars lines on myself. 

"These aren't the droids you're looking for." Click. Close Facebook. 

"She can go about her business." Click. Close Google Reader.

"Move along." Click. Stop reading email. 

"Move along." Click. Open draft and start writing. 

The only thing weird about it is that I must use the slight Obi-Wan wave of my fingers. Otherwise, it doesn't work.

P.S. If you aren't practicing Jedi mind tricks on yourself to get off the Internet this morning, my editor, Cheryl Klein, has re-posted a link to her "Lines from 'Star Wars' That Can Be Improved by Substituting 'Pants' for Key Words." 


  1. I want this shirt unbelievably badly.

  2. Ditto. Want the shirt. Want the self discipline...

  3. This is brilliant.

    Also, it is obvious to me that these lines require the hand gestures. The hand gestures are an integral part of the communication.

    HA! My "word verification" is "inepts"!

  4. Also want the shirt.

    Every time I get paper towels at an automatic dispenser, I wave my hand in front of it and think, "You will give me a paper towel."

    And go, go, go on that novel.

  5. Two words, Mrs. Holmes: Mac Freedom. Also available for Windows.


    (whip crack whip crack)


  6. I agree, Mac Freedom is awesome, Miss Whipcracker. I just like waving my fingers about. :)


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