Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Emily's Book Shelf and Children's Book Week

Happy Children's Book Week! In honor of the week and my niece Emily, who lost her battle with cancer last summer, the Westlake Public Library in Ohio has launched Emily's Book Shelf.

It's an online book club for kids grades 3-8, so they can talk about the books they love---as our talkative, book-loving, enthusiastic Emily did all the time. I remember her at my kitchen table, seriously debating the merits of various book choices with her mom, Debbie. The two of them were in a Mother-Daughter Book Club for two years. Thank you to the wonderful people at Westlake's Porter Public Library for putting this site together!

Also in the good news department, my brother, John, (Emily's dad) reports that the construction of Flying Horse Farms (a Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for kids with serious illnesses) is going well. The camp will open for limited family weekends this fall. At that time,  the books that all of you were so generous in donating will be out of boxes and in the hands of campers. When Flying Horse Farms is completely up and operational, we'll be looking for more ways to provide books for the week-long camper visits. You can read more about Emily and the Flying Horse Farms connection here.

One idea I bounced around with John was a sponsored author visit to Flying Horse Farms once or twice a summer. What would you all think of that? Any collective wisdom on where to begin, what to consider, and how to make this idea successful?

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