Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Writers are Writers are Writers

Members of the Young Writers Café at the Arlington Public Library,
holding Little Green Army Men

A couple of weeks ago, I hung out with those dedicated writers you see in the photo above. For an hour and a half we talked about stuff like whether it was okay to start with the ending of a story (yes, definitely) and why my laptop computer keys were dirty (um, using them so much?) They were honest, funny, totally positive about writing, and eager to hash over the finer points of Operation Yes and Letters From Rapunzel.

There is nothing like talking writing with other writers. Sure, they were under 14 and I'm over 40. But it doesn't make much difference when you're talking about how to make a character live on the page or how much you love a brand-new notebook to scribble in.

Thank you, Young Writers Café! I'll be looking for your names on a book cover one day.

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