Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm getting nervous about the Gaithersburg Book Festival this Saturday.

Immediately before my presentation (at 12:00), Sam Riddleburger is going to juggle live children or flaming bananas or light sabers. He's also going to wow them with his reading from The Strange Case of Origami Yoda. Tweens will run from the tent to follow him to his book signing, like he was Yoda himself.

Immediately during my presentation (at 1:00), Phyllis Reynolds Naylor will be speaking at a different pavilion. (Which also means her book signing afterwards will also align with mine (at 2:00), although hers is at the Meet and Greet Stage, so any hopes of me sitting near her, hob-nobbing and gushing over how much I love Shiloh, have been sunk.)

So, that leaves me, doing one-armed push-ups and jody calling about Operation Yes to those who dislike Star Wars AND Shiloh. Whoever in the universe could that be? I think I need to arrange for the Flying Farmer to buzz my tent.*

More information on the Gaithersburg Book Festival Author Speaking and Signing schedule is here.

*and work on my one-armed push-ups. How do those work, exactly?


  1. Good luck, Sara! You will ROCK the tent (or whatever). I know it. The other two are probably saying, Oh, no, everyone will be at Sara's spot.

    OK, whether that last part's true or not, I don't really know. But the rocking part--definitely true!

    P.S. I got pushup handles (on my wish list) for Mother's Day. Trying to learn how to do pushups in proper form now that my wrists don't ache quite so much. I may need some lessons in DC!

  2. YES, that's exactly what I'm saying!

    If I can attract anyone to my signing, I will immediately send the to see Operation Yes: LIVE!

  3. Your energy level is at the perfect pitch.

  4. Sara, you're gonna do great. We're so glad you're part of the Festival!
    - Jud Ashman
    Gaithersburg City Council
    Chair, Gaithersburg Book Festival

  5. I don't know but it's been said
    S.L.H. will knock them dead.
    (sound off...)

  6. Thank you all for your kind words and jody calls. I'm SO looking forward to this, all Gahs! aside. And to meeting you, Sam/Tom!

  7. As luck would have it - or not - I have to follow BOTH of you, Sam and Sara! So please do me a favor and serve caffeinated cookies or something so the teens and tweens have the stamina to make it to my Vintage Veronica presentation (at 3 pm) and signing (at 4!). That said, you are both going to rock and I hope to get there early enough to catch one or both of you!

  8. You will prevail, my friend.

    And one-armed push-ups are accomplished by putting one arm behind your back, the other under the center of your slightly-twisted torso (balance-wise), but it requires additional strength because now it's one arm for most of your weight, instead of half of most of your weight.

    Were I you, I'd go with regular push-ups, but consider doing them on your knuckles. It looks soooooo impressive, and really isn't that much more work, plus it keeps your wrists straight AND helps you throw a punch, should it ever come to that.


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