Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Portrait of (two) Young Artists

We are about to have a very enlightened conversation about art:

Girl Art

Boy Art

(Yes, that's a monster. And yes, those are feet sticking out of his mouth.)


  1. HA!

    I wish I could find and scan and send you a drawing my brother did in high school, called "The Agony of Da Feet."

    Did your daughter and son create those, respectively? If they don't want you to say, you can lie and make up names.

  2. Yup. You guessed it, jules. These were each created years ago, so I don't think they'd mind admitting to them. I display them both, proudly.

  3. By the way, these photos were a test of Blogger To Go, which is a way to blog from your mobile phone. (Touch me! I'm a techno geek-ess!) I wanted to try it before I headed to L.A. for the SCBWI conference.

    It works by sending text, pictures or video from your cell phone to a blogging address, which then automatically posts whatever you send. I wound up assembling this post from two messages, since I couldn't figure out how to send more than one picture in the same message.

    So look out for me! I'll be blogging (partly) by phone from L.A. I hope I don't mess up and send a picture of me in the bathroom or something. ;)

  4. Well, that would be ONE way to raise a little blog traffic...

  5. This is why I subsitute teach. There is no where else in the world you can experience such great creativity!

    I applaud the artists!!

  6. Thanks, Amy...I'll pass on the kudos. And good on you for subbing. It's much needed and very under-appreciated. Applause to you, too...

  7. How'd you get so tech-savvy? You can blog by phone? And here I'm still working mine out on notebook paper, then sending it to Central Blogging to be typed. I am so behind.

    LOVE the art, Sara. Although I have to confess I want to cuddle the girl art and put the boy art in a back bathroom or something. Does that make me wrong/shallow/sexist?

  8. Art in the back bathroom is very important, Robin. People tend to stay in there a long time. :)

  9. Art in bathrooms -- YES!

    "Art is {also} for kitchens!"

    Go here and scroll down a bit to Bread & Puppet Glover's "Why Cheap Art?" manifesto, which I've always loved. Someone gave me that once, and it used to hang on my fridge. I need to go find it.

  10. Thanks for the link, Jules. I'll all for cheap art as long as artists don't starve. Just like I'm glad there are designer clothes at Target.


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