Saturday, July 21, 2007

I Must...I Must...I Must Increase My...

My vocabulary is expanding. It's practically doubling each day that I blog and read blogs. What about you? If you didn't get your HP book at midnight, and you're waiting (like me) for the UPS truck to pull up, here's a vocabulary quiz to keep you busy:

(If you really want to go Principal Skinner on your bad self, don't click on any links until you answer!)

1. From MotherReader, I learned how to use "b***slap Tinkerbell" in a perfectly grammatical sentence. Name the picture book that inspired this term of not-so-endearment.

2. From the excelsior file, I learned the ultimate compliment for an English professor: "wuss core." (If you click, please heed David's warning about the upcoming bad language. He means it.) Which performance artist said these words, loud and proud? And what was David afraid the FCC would do about it?

3. From Hank of the Brotherhood, via 7-Imp, I learned the philosophical reasons that "Poop on a stick!" should be every thinking person's swear word of choice. Name the vegetable Hank was wearing during (well, at the top of) this interview.

4. From Robin, I learned how to identify my inner "Charmin." From what magazine did she take shopping advice before she discovered true luxury?

5. From adrienne (WATAT) I learned that I read "Fiction for Nerds." What nerdonic (OK, made that one up) literary device is found in Fiction For Nerds?

6. From Roger, I learned that saying the Horn Book was easy to read "one-handed" was treading on very dangerous ground. Which poor blogger did he embarrass this way?

Oh, by the way, did I tell you I'm organizing the games for Robin's party...whoops! Wrong word! I meant 1st Kidlitosphere "CONFERENCE."


  1. Ooo, fun.

    My answers:

    1. Some book with too much glitter (I forget the exact title -- d'oh!)

    2. Uh, uh, D'OH-eth!! I forget his name, and I loved that post!
    I'm so lame.

    3. tomato

    4. I have no idea. Missed that post.

    5. I have no idea.

    6. I have no idea.

    Why am I even playing again? Cringe.

    But I enjoyed the post.

    Will there be answers soon-ish?

  2. jules, as they say in some learning environments, you will be given a chance to "re-validate your mastery of these concepts." I suggest you study by clicking on the provided links.

  3. You haven't learned anything from me, huh?

    Oh. Yeah.

  4. You got it, Anne Marie. "Oh. Yeah." is EXACTLY what I learned from you, hence the UPS truck. How are your kiddos? Bleary-eyed? Did they stay up all night?

  5. Did I just see a BtVS reference? :)

  6. Big fan, Little Willow. Does it show? :)


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