Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You and Me and E.B.: Changing the World

Yesterday was about Having a Good Time. Today is about Changing the World. (See quote from E.B. White above, or if you're reading this in a feed and can't glance up, here.)

What are the book/literacy/youth-related causes you support? I'd like to know.

Here are a few of mine:

Military Child Education Coalition

Plan International

Beyond 4 Walls Book Drive

I'm also interested in the following projects, but haven't acted upon them yet:

The Campaign for Drawing (sponsors The Big Draw and other projects)

Open Books (a literacy bookstore not yet operational)

KinderHarvest (rescues and recycles children's magazines to donate to families)

I'd like to compile a list of all the projects KidLit Bloggers (and readers) support. (Or is there one already? Someone tell me!) I would call it:

The Very Big, No-Kidding, We're Changing the World, You Bet! Good Deed List.


  1. Books for America
    First Book
    Literacy Council of Northern Virginia

  2. Thanks, jama! You can be FIRST on my list.

    Everyone: If you prefer, you can also email me with your ideas. That way, you can include links to your Good Causes. And feel free to elaborate on HOW and WHY you support what you do.


  3. I support readergirlz, which is a literacy project that encourages not only reading and discussing novels, but being active in your community.


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