Monday, July 16, 2007

Tell An Author You Care Day: Connie Willis

Thank you, Connie Willis, for writing speculative fiction in which women are women and not props.

Thank you for writing Doomsday Book, a SF novel that I can give to my friends who "hate" speculative fiction and watch as they fall into the dark world of the year 1348, losing themselves in this "stunning novel of both suffering and hope." (The Denver Post)

Thank you for Bellwether, which is funny and clever, and which my daughter and I both adored, and now...her boyfriend's reading it too!

Thank you for the marvelous quotes
that preface each chapter of
To Say Nothing of the Dog. (Not to mention getting a reviewer to say "comedy of manners" and "chaos theory" in the same sentence.)

Thank you for taking me completely by surprise in:

Can near death experiences be both funny and profound? They can. (My mom and dad loved this one, too.)

Thank you for writing short stories about Winnebagos, and Shakespeare, and the Schwarzschild Radius, and Hollywood, and the London Blitz, and housewives, and girls' periods (and for naming that one, Even the Queen.)

And thank you for writing a new YA novel, D.A., which Colleen Mondor (Chasing Ray) reviewed here.

Finally, thank you for looking like this.
You make me want to hug you.

***With great thanks to Emily Beeson, of whimsybooks, for coming up with the idea of Tell An Author You Care Day.


  1. What a lovely tribute! Thanks for the reminder about Tell An Author You Care Day. So many wonderful authors to choose from!

  2. I know. It was hard to pick. I've actually gotten to tell many of the authors I love that I care, at booksignings and conferences and such. So I decided to go with someone I've never met, but adore.

    You should read Connie Willis, Robin. You're a fan of "the funny" and she is that. Oh, and I didn't list it here, but she also wrote a book about old movies, called Remake.

  3. I can't remember reading any of these; thank you for this! I am going right out to look for her.

  4. Cloudscome: great! Glad to introduce you. If you love historical fiction (and thick, involving reads) I'd go for Doomsday Book first. If you want something amazingly fun and witty and short, I'd pick up Bellwether. Or if you want something more contemporary that's both riveting and funny, I'd read Passage.

    Be sure to tell me which one you read, and what you thought!

  5. Sara,

    This is a beautiful tribute to Connie Willis. Thank you so much for participating!

  6. Ooh, new author to me. You've added to my leaning TBR pile.

  7. Ooh, I've loved each and every one of these and D.A. is on my Dearly Desired list. I ADORE Connie Willis -- thank you for choosing her, and doesn't she just inspire you? She's SO SMART!!!!!!

    And thank-you for giving me a great idea on how to do this -- it's a totally great way to shake loose new readers for her. Love the pictures! I hope she sees this and smiles.

  8. TadMack: You're a huge fan, too? Oh, man, I'm so excited that there's someone to be excited WITH. :)


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