Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sing it, Kim, honey!

Need a good laugh? Want to hear some clever lyrics? Not afraid of one tiny bad word at the end? Click on, then:

The talented Kim Norman and Layne Rowland present a duet between an overworked editor and a pushy author: "You Won't Accept No." My favorite line is: "I'll give the dog's mom a tumor!"

(Kim also did the graphics layout for the Letters From Rapunzel publicity postcards as a book launch gift to me. I knew I'd find a way to pay you back, Kim!)

P.S. If you have technical difficulties, wait for the podcast to load; then push the play icon.


  1. Hey, thanks, Sara! I may end up changing that naughty word at the end. Dori Chaconis made a great suggestion that would offend fewer people and would still fit the children's book situation: "Poopy head!"

    Whadda you think?

    p.s. -- love your photo. Are those rejection letters?


  2. No. Not rejection letters. Maybe I'll post about them one day. (she says mysteriously)

  3. THAT song. Is disturbingly familiarly funny. It's SO wrong.


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