Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Very Big Good Deed List

The list begins: (Come on, help us add to it!) See post: You and Me and E.B. for more info.

The Very Big, No-Kidding,
We're Changing the World, You Bet!
Good Deed List


  1. America's Second Harvest --, since children who are hungry can think of little else, even literacy

    Childhelp -- -- ditto

    MomsRising -- -- -- to build a more family-friendly America, and I don't mean ultra-conservative "family values" -- I mean, putting an end to the silly so-called "Mommy Wars" and making it so that women can work *and* raise their children without sacrificing income and future employability (and much, much more) -- ultimately, this benefits children...

    W.O. Smith Music School in Nashville -- -- "where education, instruction and encouragement is offered to children with a passion for music without the means to afford lessons or instruments."

    So much more, but I better stop . . .

  2. Oops -- those aren't all book-related, and I see you originally asked for that . . . I'll think on it some more...

  3. Thanks, Jules. It's okay if they're not strictly book related. Anything child/family/literacy/book-related is Good Deed worthy because as you say, they are all intertwined.

  4. Oh, my jules, that music school looks wonderful! Thanks for showing it to me!

  5. Isn't it great? They rock hard.

  6. sara, i got one of my organizations wrong. it should be Hearts of America, not Books for America. both are based in d.c. and i got them confused (sorry). both and donate books to underprivileged kids. this is a great idea since we can learn more about other worthwhile programs/organizations that need help!

  7. Gotcha covered, jama. I changed it to (There's no "s" in the link or it doesn't go to the right website.)

    Thanks! Sounds like a wonderful organization.

  8. oops again. deep breath.
    HEART OF AMERICA, not "hearts of america."
    i am definitely suffering from age-related mental decline.

  9. I support some which are book-related and some which aren't (I have been a member of Friends of the Sea Otter since I was a child, and I support the Monterey Bay Aquarium; there's also the weekly trip to the recycling center). I'm sending the readergirlz over here too. Every month, the readergirlz issue includes as community challenge and spotlights a woman who is helping to conserve, educated, or otherwise support a community.

  10. Thanks, Little Willow. I love the whole readergirlz idea. It's hip and full of substance, too. I'm putting it on my Big List!

  11. Thank you! I'll pass the compliments on to the ladies.

  12. Thanks for the kind words about readergirlz! We so appreciate the support, and we think the list you are making rocks!

    Best in making a difference,

    Lorie Ann, readergirlz diva

  13. It's great that you're thinking about this, Sara. In addition to Readergirlz, as organization that does great things for teen, I like:

    FirstBook -- -- They put books into the hands of underprivileged children, and advocate reading.

    Reach Out and Read -- -- They work with doctors to distribute free books to kids at each well-child visit, up to age 5.

    Cops 'N Kids -- -- Founded by a police officer, this program provides books in police cars and police stations, to give to kids, and also sets up local reading centers.

    Room To Read -- -- They build libraries in third world countries.

    and of course there's Reading Is Fundamental -- -- still out there encouraging kids to enjoy books.

    I haven't necessarily given money or books to all of these programs, but I support them by writing about their activities on my blog when I have the chance, and encouraging their support. I have a list of some other literacy/book related programs in a side-bar on my blog. (Right-hand side, about half-way down, labeled "Programs That Focus on Giving Books to Kids")

  14. Wow, Jen! Thanks! I do read your blog, so I know what a champion of literacy you are. I'll add these to my list, and point readers to your list if they need even more ideas.

  15. 2007 book-related charity initiatives of podcast:

    - organized PAB2007 book drive for a public school (collected 86 books and $291), June 2007:

    - $1 per comment to Raise-A-Reader, February 2007:

  16. Sara... I told you I would do this right after L.A. -- and I'm only about a month late! Wheee....

    This is book but not kid related:

    It provides free books to the multitude of folk incarcerated in the state of Texas.


    This is international -- bringing literacy to Ethiopia.

    Thanks for pulling the BIG LIST together!

    Cheers, Liz

  17. Thanks, Liz! Got you added.

    And for anyone else who's thinking about it: Anyone can email me or comment here at any time, and I'll update the Big List.

  18. What kind of world do your want?
    For every time this video is viewed $.40 will be donated.
    Let's cure autism.

  19. I'm hanging in there with my kids. Does that count? It's about all the good deed I can muster up right now, and it is kid related and we read a lot of books. So I'm just going to decree that it counts.

    Let me rephrase it: I'm being a good mom to difficult children. That's my special project that is changing their world.

  20. "I'm being a good mom to difficult children. That's my special project that is changing their world."

    Hear! Hear! A child, loved, is the most potent force for change in this world.

  21. I'm collecting those coke codes and redeeming prizes for various doing good in the world organizations, including St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Nick's Kids Funds and Multiple Sclerosis.


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