Friday, August 3, 2007

SCBWI L.A. Conference: Parade of Words

As Lin Oliver said, if we (SCBWI) do something for ten minutes, we call it a tradition. But there are a few conference traditions that have been going on for several years that I love. One is the parade of authors, where the conference kicks off with all the presenters marching in, and coming to the microphone one by one, and speaking just a single word. A word that sums up what they are thinking, feeling, or hoping about the conference, or their writing lives at that moment.

Some word choices were practically mandatory. Susan Patron said "Scrotum." (We all cheered.) Lee Bennett Hopkins said "Poetry." John Green said "Nerd-fighters."

We also heard:

Leap (Laurent Linn)
Peri-menopausal (Lisa Yee)

So what's your word today?

Mine is: Flow


  1. Today?

    Playful, I think. I'm the only producer in the office and the result is that I'm a little slap-happy.

  2. Hey! You stole my word! Ok... how about quixotic?

  3. "Tag."

    'Cause you have been.

    I know you're a little busy now, but maybe when you get back . . .

    If you hate things like tags, feel free to promptly ignore.

  4. Did you hear some girl scream loudly when John said the word nerdfighters?

    Man, she was LOUD.

    Yeah, she was ME.

  5. Mine is RAPUNZEL!
    (But I'm going to cut my hair next week.)


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