Sunday, August 12, 2007

You are now connected

Blogging from the road has been better and worse than I expected. I blogged when I didn't think I'd be able to, and didn't blog even when I had access. Right now, I'm sitting in a car outside a public library, using their wireless network. Yeah, libraries!

Anyhow, this spottiness will continue all week, while I travel. In the meantime, in honor of the library that is supporting me right now, I want to call your attention to this eloquent plea from Anne Marie Pace for the library at Chincoteague. (Yes, it's the same town where MISTY OF CHINCOTEAGUE began. ) As Anne Marie says: "I have more children's books in my house than they have in their library." Go and see if there's one tiny thing you can do to join Anne Marie in offering more books to the kids who live there. UPDATE: Now you can buy music by Chincoteague musicians to support the library!

I'll sign off here shortly, but the wireless network inside the library will continue to broadcast. I think that's a mini-miracle, a great and wonderful invention, but it's nothing compared to the intimate, quiet pulse of a library book that finds me, alone and in need of sustenance, and steadily breathes life back into my pale form:


  1. Awwwwww. I'm all weepy. Thanks for the link.

  2. I think the last two semesters I went to college were just to use the lovely library. There is something magical in the combination of used books and free for the borrowing that I love. Enjoy it for me too!

  3. Sara, I truly love and admire your civic-mindedness. Actually, it's bigger than civic--more worldly/human racish, etc.

    Anyway, I'll do my part to help out. Thanks for giving us all the idea.

  4. Robin, I bow to Anne Marie on this one...I'm just helping her sound the horn.

  5. Yeah, you can share the credit, but I'm talking about your general inclination to get us all worked up over donating books and otherwise helping out. It's good to have a point man on things like that. Thanks for taking the job.


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