Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back to school shopping

J. Crew, you've gone literary on us! (Will She Who Will Get Me My Book be pleased?)

The new "library print" fabric

as a skirt...

as a scarf...

as a dress...
(wouldn't this be great
for those celebrity visits to your library?)

and finally,
as a demure cardigan...

Why are there NO SHOES????


  1. I adore the cardigan!! Thanks for keeping us all up and running in the world of literary fashion!

  2. Oh the cardigan is great because you know it is always c-o-l-d in the library.

  3. The cardigan is definitely to die for. Like the sundress, too, but it wouldn't look good on me. May have to become a librarian just so I can wear these things. Don't librarians have to wear quiet shoes?

  4. Unfortunately, these clothes are not in the budget for most librarians...or writers. But it's good to know the elite college kids of the world will be thinking of us as they wear them. :)

  5. And here I was, so excited over all the catalog photography with stacks of books and in libraries and stuff that I forgot to actually look at the clothes!

    And I don't wear quiet shoes. Most of the library is carpeted and on the stuff that isn't? My heels have that "teacher click" that I always associate with authority...

  6. Stacy London would be proud, Jennie. Click away! (I love that sound much more than flip-flops.)

  7. Heee~!
    I'm pretty sure that library print shoes are the only thing I could pull off. Okay, maybe the scarf, but we really need library print shoes. I'll put that next on my list with the lovely plaid heels...

    'Teacher click.' I like that.

  8. Word to what Camille said. When I was the librarian at TSD in Knoxville, one of the teachers referred to my cardigan as part of my "uniform," since I wore it almost daily . . .

    (but then I get cold in 80 degree weather . . .)

    Go, cardigans, go . . .

  9. What's the big deal with no shoes? (guy talking here obviously! Haha!)

  10. Mac, I totally forgot to look at the men's section of the catalog. Maybe there's a tie or socks or something for you. They had better not have given the MEN the shoes...

  11. Hey, what about teacher click shoes with library print, only using paperback books? Sorry, couldn't resist. Remember, quiet shoes don't have to be sensible shoes.

  12. One day, I will go shoe shopping with Stacy. It's my life goal.

    Nothing lofty, just shoes with Stacy...


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