Thursday, August 16, 2007

Peace Through Puppets

I clipped this article from The Washington Post about Peace Through Puppets a few weeks ago, and knew right away that I would blog about it. Why?

First, because moms come through when you need them, even when they're 80 and you're 57 and 6-foot-5.

Second, I have a mini-collection of puppets, including a three-headed dragon marionette from Prague, a momma/baby elephant pair from Thailand, some vintage finger puppet sets like Little Red Riding Hood and assorted animal figures with wooden heads, and a cloth box from which three adorable mice poke up that my daughter used to take on babysitting jobs. I also had a plush donkey puppet growing up that I would make real by licking its nose to make it wet and then goosing my sister with it.

Finally, I love knowing that many of the puppets stay with the Iraqi children who need them.

Peace to you and them.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with those of us that don't read the Washington Post (me). I thrilled to see imagination and creativity being spread like a floodlight across the globe to the darkest corners and to the children living there.

    I had a Howdy Doody puppet. Every other imaganitive toy I had was a stuffed animal (I know a great tragedy). Nice post!

  2. Aw. That's a good one.


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