Thursday, August 9, 2007

Poetry Friday: 39 Reasons to Write

I was tagged to write 39 Reasons to Be Happy by jules. But instead I have:

39 reasons to write

You can't speak. No one listens.
You don't know. You do know.
Talk is cheap. Therapy costs.
Courage is sexy.

A circle is forming.
You can't hold your breath forever.
Everyone thinks they know you.
Candy dissolves.

There is already, without you, a moon.
There is never, without you, a revolution.
Laughing alone is not recommended.
The melody is strong.

You are dressed for it.
The pen fits, exactly.
Can you breathe otherwise?
Nothing satisfies like removing your gloves.

Why not? Brazen made the dictionary.
So did brine, bombast and brioche
Denouement is really a word.
Disobedience can be looked up.

Thousands of sparrows are counting on you.
Space can fold in on itself.
Reasons line the roads back, but not the way out.
Staring is required.

Besides, do you really think Truth hangs out in a bar?
Or that she would talk to you without her bodyguard?
Check out what marks her shoes make on the floor.
Wait for her at the sink.

Don't double-check my math.
There are no warriors without wounds.
Thirty-nine is as thirty-nine does.
Do you?

----Sara Lewis Holmes (all rights reserved)

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  1. Whoa. That was excellent. You went waaaaay above and beyond the call of duty answering that meme.

  2. I am dressed for it, aren't I?
    And 'brazen' made the dictionary.
    My goodness, these are words to live by -- thank you for another lovely and amazing personal ...denouement.

    I want to read this over and over and over.

  3. Me, too, TadMack. Sara's poetry always does that to me!

    What a great way to do it.

    Seriously, if I could write one poem like that, it'd probably about break my right brain, and then I'd be all, Oh, I'm done in life. I wrote this one kick-ass poem . . . but you keep writing more.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sara, you keep wowing me with your poetry. You're such a natural. What do you eat for breakfast, anyway? :)

  5. "Besides, do you really think Truth hangs out in a bar?"


  6. Oh Sara, I love this. Really love this.

    I keep remembering and forgetting again to get you on my blogroll. I'm doing it now!

  7. Loverly! Thank goodness it wasn't 40, though, or it woulda messed up the whole poem :-)

  8. Thanks always, you are wonderful listeners. I'm not sure how to explain why I write poetry. It's just how I THINK, if that makes any sense. So hugs to all for not going: HUH???

    I may not have Internet for a little while, but I'll try to make the rounds of Poetry Friday as soon as I can.

  9. That is a beautiful poem. It's all the reason anyone could need. My favorite line: "Reasons line the roads back, but not the way out."

  10. Fantastic, Sara! Some terrific lines! On another note, did you see the interview of agent Michelle Andelman (Andrea Brown Literary Agency) -- check out the comments about innovative narrative approaches for middle grade & young adult readers! I thought of you immediately!

  11. Mac, thank you. That is a GREAT interview, so specific about what she is looking for, and you can tell she is passionate about what she represents. I like the whole blog, too, so thanks for finding it for me!

  12. Perfection on
    A computer
    In an
    Ounce of
    Noteworthy reasoning...

    ... thanks for the inspiration!

  13. Oh I just LOVE that! Great poem!

  14. Hey, two Amys! Thanks. Forgive me if I ever answer one of you when I mean the other. Do you two know each other already?

  15. Yes Sara we do! We are in a local writer's club together. I found a link to your blog on Amy's blog.

  16. I LOVE this! You are very talented. I am so happy to have found your site. Your book sounds really good. I will look into it.

  17. Golly I love this post. So many great reasons. So much heart and courage.

  18. Just followed the link to this poem. It is wonderful. So many reasons to write! My favorite is "Everyone thinks they know you."


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