Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Classify This

While looking for Children's Book Week posts, I stumbled across 025.431: The Dewey Blog. They had a Book Week post last year, in which the blog editors named their favorite childhood books. (Also posts on such things as the Classification Club and Fibs.) No post this year.

But...look what I found:

From this post about a cat named Dewey Readmore Books, a link to the Library Cats Map, which tracks felines who reside in or pussyfoot around libraries.

One of my favorite map entries is Magnificat, who was in residence at the Graduate Theological Union Library in Berkeley in the 1980s. (Their library catalog is named "Grace," by the way.) And in France, a cat named Starsky lives at the Médiathèque Monnaie Romans sur Isère Novels.

If your library had a cat (or any pet) what would you name it? Right now, I'm going with Rhyme and Reason, a pair of kittens. Or a blue lizard named Lang.


  1. Ooh. A pair of rosy boas named Sturm und Drang. I've heard of GTU's kitty -- I had a friend who attended there. And I do love that their server is named Grace. :)

  2. Sara - Happy Children’s Book Week!

    One option to celebrate this week is with a green children’s book.

    Eco-Libris blog brings a recommendation on The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle (written by Stefani Newman of teensygreen). It’s a great conversation starter about nature, the seasons, and helps kids open their eyes to the world outside.

    You are welcome to read it at:

    Raz Godelnik

  3. Omigod, I've always wanted to have a cat in a library I work in. But I've always done school libraries, and, well, some kids would be allergic.

    I'd name it Bloomberg, after Franny's cat in Salinger's Franny & Zooey. Or, I've always wanted to name a cat Roy G. Biv (that mnemonic for remembering the colors of the rainbow).

    (I initially typed "pneumonic" instead of "mnemonic." Glad I double-checked that at dictionary.com, or I would have given your blog a pulmonary disease).

  4. Boas? Oh my word, Tadmack, that's gutsy of you. I wonder what all the other patrons of the library would do? And what would you feed them? Celebrity books? Hee, hee.

    Jules, I LOVE your names! You know, you could write a picture book about Roy G. Biv....

  5. I want a cat in my library so, so, so badly, but only if it's a cat who likes me better than everyone else and comes and sits on my lap whenever I'm in my office. It's hard to know what to name the cat without meeting it first, but I'd be inclined to get an orange cat and name it "Boris" from Mama Cat Has Three Kittens by Denise Fleming.

    Jules, Roy G. Biv is brilliance. My 7th grade science teacher, who was insane, used to draw this little character who represented Roy G. Biv, which made it one of the few mnemonics in my life that has managed to stay stuck in my brain. (Is it just me who finds mnemonics confusing? I always get them muddled up.)

  6. Slightly off topic, but my local indie bookstore has a pair of cats named Barnes and Noble. Cute, I thought!

  7. I hate cats (I know, is that possible, a librarian who hates cats!) but I do have a plastic dinosaur as my media center mascot and his name is Booker (full name is Booker T. Wilson, the Wilson is after a retired principal and the T, well I haven't figured that our yet!) one of my professors in grad school had a guinea pig in her media center and named it Dewey.

  8. Kathy, I'm actually allergic to cats, so those kittens are just a fantasy. I'd be sneezing and rubbing my eyes after five minutes. A plastic dinosaur sounds good, though. Do the kids talk to him?

    Adrienne, I love your description of the kind of cat you want. Yeah, don't we all?

    Kris, that's rather open-minded of that indie store, isn't it? I hope they didn't secretly pull their tails or anything.


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