Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gifts for Writers and Readers (Part Three)

I should have thought up a shiny bow of a name for these gift posts. As it stands, I can only present you with links for Part One and Part Two.

Stop with the puns. On to the shopping!

Made of recycled newspaper. (You can see layers of newsprint when you sharpen them.) Plus, they have two of my favorite foods: rootbeer and popcorn. No custom scents, yet, but maybe if all the writers and readers beg together we can get Scent of a New Book. (If you want eau de old paperback, go here.)

Write No Evil Pens
Choose carefully who you give these to.
We don't want the world becoming ALL bunnies and rainbows.

Scroll Pen
For those who never have a pen and paper at the same time.
Me? I'm afraid I would lose both.

And lest this gift selection become all about writing and nothing about reading:

Post-It Page Flags

Because a folded-down page corner is sadly lacking in nuance.

If you like quiet while you read...

or if you don't....
(CD sales benefit the Chincoteague Library Building Fund)

60 minute recording of a vacuum cleaner

...or if you just need white noise
and the illusion that your housework
is magically getting done while you read.


  1. White noise AND the illusion of housework getting done -- how can you say no to that!?

  2. Susan, I love your vacuum cleaner comment. Too funny! Maybe they can create one next that sounds like the laundry is getting done and the shower scrubbed, as well.

  3. Sorry--I meant Sara and typed Susan!

  4. ...Susan is reading while Sara checks email. ;)

  5. I still remember the days/months of endless vacuum cleaner running. William may be 6, but it still seems like yesterday. I suppose that's why I hate the chore so much these days.

    As for me, I'm all about the Smencils. William will love the bubble gum smell. I'm going to get a ten pack right now! (And a few of those post-its, and ...)

  6. Oh my that mug is just for me, 'cause I can't read with the slightest noise around, but mostly 'cause it's HUGE. Lots more coffee to ingest.

  7. Love these! I really really need some good gift ideas. The smencils and that silence please mug are my favorites. Thanks.

  8. Love the write no evil pens and the mug. Silence please. But then, my husband and kids will probably pretend they can't read...

  9. I love those little post-it flags! Thanks for the shopping spree.

  10. Haha! I love them all.


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