Thursday, November 15, 2007

These Facts are Absolutely True

There is nothing like the vague, puffy language that describes some self-published books:
This (historical) picture book is a "charming mix of fact and conjecture."

The author is "world celebrated."

The illustrator is "award garnering" and the art is "delightful."

The age range is "2 and up" (if they'd said zero and up I wouldn't have been surprised.)

The promo copy reads "Awards: Check back often!"

Contrast this to the facts about The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian:
The author is: Sherman Alexie, a poet, filmmaker and established author of adult fiction. Real words he wrote: "All my white friends can count their deaths on one hand."

The illustrator is: Ellen Forney, who teaches at Seattle Cornish College of the Arts, and her art is better than words can describe: see for yourself

The age range is: anyone who reads the first page, because after that, you're a goner.

The promo copy (here) reads: This National Book Award Winner was read by Sara Lewis Holmes BEFORE it won the award, a first for her. She wishes to congratulate Sherman Alexie on winning that very cool statue and thank him for writing one of the few books she's kissed this year.

For more absolutely true things, see Sherman Alexie's recent interviews at Finding Wonderland and Interactive Reader.


  1. Isn't it great to have been AHEAD of the game?! Yay for you, you prescient reader!

  2. Are you sure you don't like this book because the author grew up on fried baloney?

    Well, now I must read it (I know you're gasping because I haven't).

  3. I saw that about the fried baloney, and my heart skipped a beat, Jama. Think he still likes them? Or would he be sick of them? I'd LOVE to share a baloney sandwich and talk books and poetry with him.

  4. I'm sure he still likes fried baloney. I think you should invite him to lunch.


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