Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The 2009 Cybils Poetry Panel

It's Cybils time, book lovers!  Time to recognize those books that combine both "the highest literary merit" and "kid appeal."  You can leave your nominations (one per category) at the Cybils blog, starting Oct. 1.

I'll be nominating my favorites, too, but the best news for me is that for the second time, I'm honored to serve as a second round judge for the Poetry Panel. I love this job, people! I get to discuss five or six or seven extraordinary books of poetry which were chosen by the amazing Round One Panelists below, and I get to have those discussions with the fabulous folks listed there as Judges (Round Two.)  It's intense; it's exhilarating; and last time, it gifted me with an even deeper love of the work of some of our finest YA and children's poets.

Here's the full panel. Now it's up to YOU to nominate the poetry books we should discuss.


Our fearless organizer:
Kelly Fineman of Writing and Ruminating.

Panelists (Round 1)

Judges (Round 2)


  1. Tee hee hee - You need to move (that's me!) to Read*Write*Believe my dear!

    I'm hoping we make your job really, really hard. It will make me feel extra good about the work we do in round 1.

  2. HAHAHAHA! I guess you can see from whom I cut and paste!! Caught red-handed. Please don't flunk me. :)

    I'm so thrilled you're in Round One. I know you'll deliver the poetry goods.


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